Thursday, July 5, 2012

We do like order

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Making choices

  I have found that with getting healthier or any goal it has helped to have a plan for each day. When I have a plan I am much less likely to get distracted by random interuptions or temptations. I still am tempted--believe me however, I have learned that less really is more. For example, studies have shown that people are more likely to look around at a store that has a very wide selection of items but, more likely to buy from a store that gives fewer selection of items. I find I am the type of person who likes a lot of choices but, I do not make the best decisions or fast decisions with a lot of choices therefore, I have been able to use that knowledge and limits the choices I give myself to make decision making easier and healthier. I used this on fourth of July by not giving myself the excuse of eat and drink what you want because it is a holiday instead I ate a lot of healthy watermelon (was wonderful) and drank tea instead of the tempting soda. I did allow myself to choose to eat a piece of my daughters chocolate cake she made but, I went back to my healthy foods after and did not stuff myself. I had planned ahead of time what to do because I knew the food would be an issue.

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Another part of my planning was to make sure I did not sit around during the holiday eating so I purposely brought outdoor balls etc... to play around and be active. We made up our own games which was fun (especially since my mom could play with us) We played kickball frisbee, and orange cone volleyball. I had a lot of fun and we all got some exercise. I have now made a plan to walk or run a 5K at the end of July and The Run 4 change 5K in October for Children affected by Aids in South Africa (see above flyer to get in on the runs) and the free run is at

Lost 10 lbs.


  1. I agree about making a plan and making healthier choices! It really helps! A problem I have is waiting until the last minute to eat, then I make bad decisions because I'm hungry and I don't want to take the time to go grocery shopping or cook something healthy. Now I'm trying to plan ahead more and pick up groceries ahead of time so I will have things to make when I get hungry.

    Those games sound fun and funny! I'd like to play some games next time we all get together. =)

    Wow, 10 pounds already?! Great job! Keep up the good work! And don't get discouraged even when you don't lose. It can take a while!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and following my blog. I would love to play games. We just made them up. I also do that with food like today but, the more I practice the better I think I will do. Glad you are doing well.

    1. No problem at all! I'm happy to support the things my family does. =)