Monday, July 23, 2012

A lap in time

I am celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. I have already warned my daughter no baked goods. lol. Yesterday I did rest and watch some of my shows like the bachlorette, Glass house feeds, and Dollhouse. I plan to watch Pretty little Liars and Glass house today also. However, I did go and swim some laps at the pool while it is open. My shoulder is paying for it today but, I got some exercise in.

For dinner I did not plan out anything because my hubby has been so sweet to help out a lot lately and I got a long massage and then he made dinner for us. We had an African (part American style) dish called Ugali and beef stew. I love it. I know it has white cornmeal in it but, I ate fruit and other healthy things earlier and I did not eat too much of it. Yummy. Here are some pics of dinner as it was cooking.

    photo: Kim.Shay. 2012 you may use as long as you credit me or link back here.

The day before I did ok with eating but, I did indulge in a cake pop --The name fits it to a tee. Here are some pictures.
I am suppose to do my virtual 5K at sometime this week and am pondering where I should to it and if I will be up to it.

How are you coming along? What is going on with you?

Lost 16lbs.


  1. Happy almost birthday!

    I don't think it's good to do a 5k until you're used to running every day for long periods of time. If you push yourself too much at one time without being prepared for it you could hurt yourself. I would work up to it. A good way to start would be to walk every day, then when you stop feeling out of breath from walking, start jogging every day. Go on longer jogs as you get comfortable with it until you feel like you can do a 5k. I've never done running like that before, so I can't say for sure, but that's just what I've heard.

  2. Thank you for the information. I am not running the 5K I am walking it and I have already walked a 5K that I could handle. I can do the 5K at whatever pace and time I want to because you just log your time you did it in online when done. I know a regular 5k would be harder. I am probably going to walk another one in October but plenty of time to get ready for it. I walk almost everyday however much I can handle in this heat. Thank you for the concern. smiles.

    1. Oooh, I see. I was thinking you were running it and I was scared because I can't imagine trying to run a 5k! I was always bad at running even when we had to do it in school. haha. That is good that you are walking almost every day. You are doing better than I am! I get embarrassed to walk in my city because I'm scared people will stare at me or something. haha. I have been trying to move around more, though! I like that at my internship the printer is in a different room because that means I remember to get up and move every so often.