Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disappointed in myself

I am so disappointed with myself right now. I takes soo sooo very much to lose any weight on me at all. I am stressed and busy right now and have had a hard time keeping up losing weight. I have not had money to get any healthy foods right now and i am trying to do well in eating anyway but very hard. I also have been swimming but, it is not burning very many calories or doing anything that I can see.

I am holding on very hard to keep on going but, feeling so down that my hard efforts are not paying off right now. sigh.

at same current weight 200lbs.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jam packed day

I worked my behind off yesterday to burn off some calories. I did my 5K virtual walk on a trail close to my house but, I was not wise to listen to advise and went on the hottest part of the day. It was soooooooo burning hot even with some shade. It slowed me way way down. I was proud that I finished it though even if it did take me an hour.
I then was so burning hot that I went to the pool and WOW it felt so wonderful!!! My family and I spent like two or three hours there enjoying the cool water and for the first time many neighbors who came down. I got to talk to some cool new neighbors. I paid hard for my day in the sun though with a blazing hot burnt face and arms and chest. Ouch. I learned that for me vasaline was a life savor--quickly took away pain but I had to cover up since it was oily.
Anyway cooked a new recipe and turned out so tasty. I loved it.
Feta Chicken with Green Beans

photo credit: KimShay.2012

We then enjoyed some tv. I went to relax in my room in front of the fan and watch some netflix shows. All in all it was a great day and continued into today when I weighed myself and see that I have burned off 2lbs of the 3lbs I gained from my birthday. whoo hooo.

lost 15lbs. so far current weight: 200


I loved the recipe I tried today. I probably could have made it more healthy but, I was okay with it. My family loved it also.

I made a video of it but, I am having trouble uploading it. I can add it once I work the issues out.
I mainly stayed indoors today because of the heat but, I am still working at changing my lifestyle. smiles.

I have the recipes for each thing I make so if anyone ever wants to try it I can give you the orginal recipe or my version whichever you like.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday break

I had a blast celebrating my birthday the last few days. I am hoping however, that I did not gain back all the weight I have lost. lol. I gave into temptation with many foods and drinks. I received some very touching and fun gifts. I am now jumping right back into eating better and my exercise though because I don't want to go backwards. Here is the last meal I made before my birthday. It is a simple one but, still good.

                                              The Finished Meal

I will have to look up and do exercise inside while watching television because I don't want to miss The Glass House or The Olympics but, I have to keep burning fat and calories. I am sorry I missed some days on my blog but, I was busy having fun. I am back on track now.

Just weighed and WOW! Just three days of eating not so great with sweets and
I gained: 3lbs. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa back in 200's --not happy with that but, more determined.
13lbs lost

Monday, July 23, 2012

A lap in time

I am celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. I have already warned my daughter no baked goods. lol. Yesterday I did rest and watch some of my shows like the bachlorette, Glass house feeds, and Dollhouse. I plan to watch Pretty little Liars and Glass house today also. However, I did go and swim some laps at the pool while it is open. My shoulder is paying for it today but, I got some exercise in.

For dinner I did not plan out anything because my hubby has been so sweet to help out a lot lately and I got a long massage and then he made dinner for us. We had an African (part American style) dish called Ugali and beef stew. I love it. I know it has white cornmeal in it but, I ate fruit and other healthy things earlier and I did not eat too much of it. Yummy. Here are some pics of dinner as it was cooking.

    photo: Kim.Shay. 2012 you may use as long as you credit me or link back here.

The day before I did ok with eating but, I did indulge in a cake pop --The name fits it to a tee. Here are some pictures.
I am suppose to do my virtual 5K at sometime this week and am pondering where I should to it and if I will be up to it.

How are you coming along? What is going on with you?

Lost 16lbs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Fun Exercise Day

         photo: Kim Shay.2012 may use with a link back to the blog or credit given.

Today was a great day for me. I started off having stomach pain and feeling bored but, things changed around. I ran my son around to his friends and drooled over all the pools by their houses wishing I could jump in just to come home and find out they finially opened our pool. Whoo Hoo. We went and had a blast in the refreshing pool. It was so fun and I got exercise.

I then came home and showered and jumped on making dinner. I made chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and salad. click on the link above to watch and learn how to cook it. 

We then stretched out and relaxed and watched an episode of "Dollhouse" and an episode of "King of the Hill"

How are you goals going?
What shows do you like to watch when relaxing?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slow progress

I feel like I would not safely cross this bridge today---lol.

                   may use photo but would appreciate a link to my site--thanks 
                                         photo credit Kim Shay. 2012

This week was pretty much a wash. I did not eat well (a lot more meat and a couple soda's). I was having that wonderful women's time out. ANYWAY, I think that and bad news I got of my blood tests and stress made me less motivated to do well this week but, I am jumping back in there and not going to give up. 
My Blood results:
               Blood count abnormal --anemic. My cholesterol was 207mg. very high. My HDL 36 and LDL 137. My triglyceride is 169. My blood sugar was moderately elevated. 

Why am I sharing the numbers --well... because I want to see how the numbers may change with lifestyle changes. I want to share it with you as well as cheer on your goals.

             Photo copyright.Kim Shay.2012 please do not use without permission

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