Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday break

I had a blast celebrating my birthday the last few days. I am hoping however, that I did not gain back all the weight I have lost. lol. I gave into temptation with many foods and drinks. I received some very touching and fun gifts. I am now jumping right back into eating better and my exercise though because I don't want to go backwards. Here is the last meal I made before my birthday. It is a simple one but, still good.

                                              The Finished Meal

I will have to look up and do exercise inside while watching television because I don't want to miss The Glass House or The Olympics but, I have to keep burning fat and calories. I am sorry I missed some days on my blog but, I was busy having fun. I am back on track now.

Just weighed and WOW! Just three days of eating not so great with sweets and
I gained: 3lbs. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa back in 200's --not happy with that but, more determined.
13lbs lost

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