Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Slow progress

I feel like I would not safely cross this bridge today---lol.

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This week was pretty much a wash. I did not eat well (a lot more meat and a couple soda's). I was having that wonderful women's time out. ANYWAY, I think that and bad news I got of my blood tests and stress made me less motivated to do well this week but, I am jumping back in there and not going to give up. 
My Blood results:
               Blood count abnormal --anemic. My cholesterol was 207mg. very high. My HDL 36 and LDL 137. My triglyceride is 169. My blood sugar was moderately elevated. 

Why am I sharing the numbers --well... because I want to see how the numbers may change with lifestyle changes. I want to share it with you as well as cheer on your goals.

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  1. That's no good about your blood results! Did they tell you special things you should/shouldn't eat since you are anemic?

  2. They will when I have my docter's followup again. I get that way a lot. I have been eating more Iron since I can not take any supplements.

    1. Yeah the iron will be good.