Thursday, June 21, 2012

My first walking trail-on my way

This is my quick highlight video of my first walk on a walking trail. I had never done this and was excited to explore it. We walked 2.8 miles. It was so gorgeous! I enjoyed the people and nature and wild life. We got a good workout in mostly shady trails. I was more excited to have been proactive in getting healthier. Check out the video and share with me your progress in your goals. I did not do as good with the food. Hot dogs for dinner and tiny burgers and cottage cheese, and Tea for lunch ( I did not eat the fries). I had no breakfast because I am still trying to get back my regular sleep cycle.
With the hot sun I can not wait until our manager opens our pool. It will be easier on my joints and a lot cooler plus my mom and daughter may join us for extra fun. She said they have to fix it up first. Guess what I saw them working on it today. Yes! So happy to see it.

What did you work on today? What are your goals? Lets connect.


  1. Cool video! That looks like a really pretty trail! I'd love to walk that!

    The food looks yummy, too. I don't think I could ever stop eating cheeseburgers. haha.

    Pools are great! They really exercise you without you even realizing it!

    For what I've been working on and my goals: I've been buying a lot more food we can make at home, that way I won't be as tempted to eat out. My fiance and I made a goal that if we wanted fast food, we had to walk there. This way we'd get fast food less, and when we did, at least we'd be getting some exercise. I've also been buying more fruits and veggies. I got apples and a bag of baby carrots. I put some carrots in a baggy and bring them with me, and they make a great snack! I'm not very good at eating breakfast because I usually feel sick in the mornings, but I've been taking small things like muffins with me in the mornings, so I can eat them on the drive to work. That way at least I get my metabolism started for the day.

  2. Yes that is the hardest part for me is the food. I have been trying to do the same buy more to make at home and more healthy. It is so very hard. I am glad you guys are working on it too -- I am in good company.

    1. Yeah it is hard to do. I have a hard time finding the time and motivation to actually cook (even when it's just frozen food, I STILL think it takes too long haha). I've broken down a couple times and eaten fast food or got a soda, but I'm not letting the slip ups stop me from the overall goal.

      For some reason it's not letting me log in, but this is Brandi.