Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am free to go on walks with people if anyone wants to walk and hangout. I joined walking with Walgreens. I thought anything that helps me get inspired about making a healthy change will be beneficial. If you want to join just go to your local Walgreens store's photo center and ask about joining the walk with Walgreens program. You are not required to do anything for it and it is free to join. You then just go to a computer (at home or wherever  you get online) and finish registering. You can then plan walks and input the steps you took by using the pedometer that counts your steps. You can link up with groups to walk with and share stories etc... at the site. I think it looks fun. It is a very hot summer for me so I don't know how much outside walking I can do but, any will help. Come join me?
Tell me about what you are working on?
What is inspiring you right now in your life?


  1. I did not get a lot out of the walk with walgreens site. I prefer instead a great site. Lots of inspiration and people to connect to. check it out. My steps today were: 1511

  2. I think it's neat to be able to keep track of progress and share it with others. I think it really helps to motivate people, especially when they can get feedback from others.

    I've been trying to be healthier recently. I wouldn't say I'm going on a diet or exercise regimen, but I'm just trying to make healthier decisions day to day. I'm trying to choose healthier foods and get up and be active more often. I'm already feeling better and I hope to see improvement soon.

  3. That is fantastic. You motivate and inspire me all the time.